Currie Terrell

Currie Terrell originally hailed from Hillsborough and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting in 2011.

As Currie Terrell debated where to perform his next show in October, he decided there was no better place to perform than in front of family and friends in Chapel Hill, while he celebrated his 30th birthday.

Terrell made the decision to do a show near his original home in Hillsborough in July, after an October performance in Los Angeles fell through. Although Terrell had a producer and director for the Los Angeles show, he was unable to obtain the rights. His friend, who works for The Second City and is directing his Chapel Hill show, pushed him to do a show close to home. That urging, along with his father who wanted Terrell to return home for his milestone birthday, made the choice too hard to pass up.

“My dad had been telling me that I should come home for my birthday and so I thought, ‘Well, if I’m going to be home a week after I’m doing the show here, I should just try and do the show there, too, and do it on my birthday,’” Terrell said.

The show in Chapel Hill is a one-man variety show titled ‘Seesawing Alone’ that he says will involve singing, dancing and monologues. He will perform at the PIT on Franklin Street on Oct. 12 at 6:30 p.m..

Terrell’s decision to start acting came early on in his life. When he was living in Hillsborough he began acting by performing in church plays. His love of the stage expanded during his time at Cedar Ridge High School, when he says he performed in “every show that they did in the four years I was there.” He also performed in two shows with the Orange Community Players. 

Despite acting in local shows, he knew he needed to move to Los Angeles to really get his feet wet in the profession.

“I love Hillsborough but I can’t pursue that career there, unfortunately,” Terrell said. “Not the same.”

So when he graduated from UNC-Greensboro in 2011, he moved back home for a short period of time before he made the big move to Los Angeles.

Although it hasn’t always been the easiest transition, he has learned a lot about the profession during his time in California.

“It took me a minute to realize that basically the way anybody makes it in this business is just by doing things for themselves,” Terrell said. “A lot of my success has come from making videos for YouTube. I have a podcast I’ve been doing now for four years and those have led me to opportunities more so than any other things, basically. It’s just about getting out here and hustling for yourself. Being your own biggest cheerleader.”

Terrell’s YouTube and Podcast series are both titled, “Let’s Chat! With Currie Terrell.” His YouTube series has hosted well-known actor and television host, Nick Cannon.

Before Terrell performs his show in Chapel Hill, he will first perform it in Los Angeles in September. After that, he will continue working on his new YouTube series about Bucket List items, and a possible Christmas Cabaret show that he is planning.

No matter what, Terrell knows he wants to keep pursuing his dream as an actor in the City of Stars.

“It’s hard work, but I’m committed to putting in the hard work,” Terrell said.