Durham Tech Promise

Durham Tech Promise

The Durham Tech Promise scholarship will now cover some continuing education programs, allowing more students to access the scholarship.

Students in select continuing education programs can apply now for the scholarship. A continuing education, or noncredit, course is often taken for professional development, takes less time to complete, and produces a certification of completion. 


Previously, only students in credit, also called curriculum, programs were able to earn this scholarship. Curriculum programs tend to take multiple semesters to complete and result in a degree or diploma.


The reason for the broadening in coverage is due to an internal change with the overall program structure, which impacts both credit and noncredit programs, said Dr. Christine Kelly-Kleese, Vice President of Student Engagement, Development, and Support.


“We recognized the need for our support to begin where many of our students begin – with short-term, noncredit credentials that provide students with education and training needed to enter a particular career path,” Kelly-Kleese said.


The Durham Tech Promise provides up to $1,000 a year for two years for eligible students, with funds being applied first towards the student’s tuition and fees.


“Paying tuition and fees for these courses can pose a barrier to many continuing education students,” Kelly-Kleese said.


The expansion features 20 noncredit programs including Carpentry, Cosmetology, Culinary, and Massage Therapy. These programs were selected due to helping fill the local workforce need in their respective fields, Kelly-Kleese said.


“Our goal with the Durham Tech Promise is to support the economic mobility of young students in Durham and Orange counties,” she said. “This expansion helps us reach that goal.”


To qualify, students must register for one of the eligible noncredit programs within a year after earning their high school diploma or high school equivalency. They must then apply for the scholarship when they register for classes.


The Durham Tech Promise scholarship launched in January and was based on the former “ConnectFunds” scholarship.

Those who wish to learn more about Durham Tech promise and the programs provided can visit durhamtech.edu/promise.