Eno River Bridge

Construction began this week to replace the Eno River Bridge.

The Town of Hillsborough announced Thursday afternoon that drivers could expect traffic impacts due to the Eno River Bridge replacement project that began this week by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

The traffic impacts could affect Hillsborough and the surrounding areas through summer 2021.

The Eno River Bridge is located between Riverside Drive and Poplar Lane, east of Hillsborough town limits. 

The project will consist of a two-lane detour bridge being constructed. Following the completion of the detour bridge, the current Eno River Bridge — which was originally constructed in 1941 — will be dismantled and replaced. According to the press release provided by the Town of Hillsborough, the permanent bridge “is expected to open by July 2021” and should last 75 years.

While construction is underway, NCDOT instructs drivers to obey the speed limit posted within the work one and to pay close attention. Lane closures will not occur between 6 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. on weekdays, or any time on holidays.

The permanent bridge will have a concrete and metal railing that is 54 inches tall, almost double the height of the concrete rails on the current Eno River Bridge. According to the release, the bridge will be 265 feet long, 27 feet longer than the current bridge, to assist in a potential greenway located beneath the bridge.