Hurricane Dorian


With Hurricane Dorian bearing down on North Carolina, the heavy storm is expected to make landfall on the state’s coast Wednesday night, according to the News and Observer.

The storm, which has been downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane, passed through Florida Tuesday evening before heading up the east coast, according to CBS news. 

As of Wednesday morning at 8 a.m., the storm’s maximum winds were at 105 mph, with the storm moving north-northwest at 8 mph, according to CBS news. 

North Carolina governor Roy Cooper issued executive order No. 104 Tuesday afternoon, regarding the approaching storm. In the executive order found on Cooper’s website, the governor stated that “the State of North Carolina is under imminent threat from Hurricane Dorian (“Hurricane”), which is anticipated to pass or make landfall on our about the evening of September 4, 2019.”

The executive order also states that those in the storm’s path will be “exposed to a substantial risk of injury or death.”

Although Orange County is not in the storm’s direct path, the area could still see heavy rainfall and possible flooding, beginning Thursday, according to the News and Observer. 

In preparation for the hurricane, the Orange County government and Town of Hillsborough have released information resources through their websites.

The information on the Orange County government website includes tips for preparation regarding pets, through the ASPCA website, a link to a family emergency kit compiled by ReadyNC and a link to sign up for OC Alerts to be notified of updates from Orange County Emergency Management. 

Orange County government is urging citizens to “charge battery-powered cell phone chargers, refill prescriptions, get cash on hand and procure extra batteries in case the area suffers widespread power outages.”

Once the storm hits, the release from Orange County government states that major threats are fallen trees that knock out power lines, and potential flooding. The release also advises citizens to stay inside, unless it is necessary for one to leave their residence.

The release provides a link for reporting property damage to Orange County Emergency Services at

Community members who lose power are advised to call their utility companies, as opposed to 9-1-1. PEMC customers should call 800-449-2667 or 800-222-3107. Duke Energy customers should call 800-769-3766. There are also links available for the power companies’ online databases.

The Town of Hillsborough release states that citizens should “report water line breaks, frozen meters and other water-related emergencies immediately by calling 919-732-3621,” the number listed for Orange County Emergency Services.

The release provides a comprehensive list of tidbits regarding hurricane preparation, including preparedness resources, how to build an emergency kit, how to make a plan, what to do with pets and service animals, emergency contacts and storm resources.

The emergency contacts listed by the Town of Hillsborough release are provided below as followed:

  • Town of Hillsborough: 919-732-1270

  • Orange County: 919-732-8181

  • Orange County Public Schools: 919-732-8126

  • Durham Technical Community College Orange County Campus: 919-536-7238

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 919-843-1234 or 919-962-2211