Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge

Jason Johnson, Orange County Executive Director of Schools, sent an email to parents of Cedar Ridge High School students after scheduling errors caused students to receive schedules in the mail of classes they had not signed up for, according to a report by the Daily Tar Heel.

In addition to the confusion regarding the wrong classes on schedules for students, overcrowded classrooms were also an issue at the school.

The revised schedules were given to students at Cedar Ridge’s open house on Aug. 23, three days before school began, according to the Daily Tar Heel, but the schedules were still incorrect.

The confusion led to multiple students missing classes, with one student registered for an Advanced Placement classes he had no desire to be enrolled in, according to the Daily Tar Heel.

In Johnson’s email sent to parents, he stated a need to correct the issue regarding incorrect classes.

“It has become apparent in order to correct individual student schedules there needs to be major adjustments made to the master schedule,” the email obtained by the Daily Tar Heel reads.

Even with the admission of the error, the Daily Tar Heel reported that the schedules given to students on the first day of school were still incorrect.

One of the parents who contacted the Daily Tar Heel said her son went to the gymnasium during the first day of class and played games and watched movies while waiting for his schedule to be resolved by the school.

Cedar Ridge principal Intisar Hamidullah sent multiple voicemails to parents telling them that the scheduling issues would soon be resolved. Two of the parents who spoke with the Daily Tar Heel — Dorothy O’Neill and Lisa Dumain — however, were not satisfied with the response from the principal.

“According to her, in her voicemails to the parents which just make the parents madder because we know it’s not true, it’s all fine, but it’s not,” O’Neill told the Daily Tar Heel.

“Everybody always expects, ‘Oh we’re going to have something screwed up, we’re going to have to go get our schedule changed and get that worked out,’” Dumain told the Daily Tar Heel. “This year was just a disaster.”

The majority of the scheduling errors have been resolved, according to a statement from Johnson to the News of Orange.

“The process that was in place for scheduling classes this year at Cedar Ridge was something that needed to be fixed,” Johnson said in the statement. “Of course, that resulted in a delay in students getting their correct schedules. Going forward, improvements have been made so that we will not have this same situation occur again.”