The Burwell School Historic Site and Hillsborough Re/MAX partnered up to hide around 2,300 Easter eggs for children to find.

The Burwell School Historic Site and Hillsborough Re/MAX real estate agents kicked off a new partnership on Saturday with a visit from the Easter Bunny and over 2,000 Easter eggs for around 200 kids to find in a community Easter egg hunt.

“The Easter egg hunt used to happen here every year until it just kind of faded away,” Burwell School Historic Site Director Ronda Tucker said. “I’m the new director and I’m trying to bring in new people and new partnerships so I said ‘let’s do it,’ because people missed it.”

Tucker partnered with Hillsborough Re/MAX Owner Renee Lee to organize two Easter egg hunts, free photo shoot opportunities with the Easter Bunny, springtime crafts and face painting on the front lawn of the school.

Friday’s rainy weather paused for a sunny Saturday morning for the event and the organizers hid 2,300 Easter eggs twice, with a first round for kids ages five and under and a second for those ages six to ten.

“Our favorite part has been the egg hunts, but all of the games and activities between those have been great for my kids,” Michelle Burger, a Hillsborough mom who brought all three of her children to the event, said.

Saturday was also the debut event for Hillsborough Re/MAX’s new mascot, Closer.

Michelle Burger’s 10-year-old daughter, Ellie Burger, said she was most excited to chase Closer.

“He stole the Easter Bunny’s tail so I have to catch him,” she said.

In addition to the Easter egg hunt, Lee said that her team plans to be a part of any upcoming Burwell School Historic Site events as a way to get out in the community.

“If we’re going to say we’re hometown, we have to be hometown,” she said. “We as realtors are expected to know what’s going on in the community.”

Re/MAX’s marketing department has also been helping with the school’s publicity and graphic design.

“This partnership helps us too but it’s also to help boost the Burwell School because people don’t know what this great place is,” Re/MAX Associate Scott Cobb said.

The event saw turnout from surrounding areas in Orange and Durham counties. For many of the attendees, it was their first time at the Burwell School Historic Site.

“Ever since my daughter was born, Hillsborough has been our favorite place to come for a fun outing, but we’ve never been here,” Nancy DeMaria, a mom from Durham who brought her daughter to Saturday’s event, said. “We always go downtown, go to Gold Park, to Cup A Joe, to Purple Crow and, now, we’ll go to the Burwell School Historic Site.”