Dating Around

Orange High School graduate Luke Hawksworth landed a role in Netflix’s new reality show “Dating Around.” The show premieres this Thursday, Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14.

Netflix has thoroughly beaten its competitors to become the prime streaming service for binge-worthy television. Whether it’s something like the hilarious baking reality show “Nailed It!” or the beloved science-fiction series “Stranger Things,” Netflix is the place to see it. 

Many viewers probably aspire to land a role in one these beloved shows, especially since there is now such a massive audience ready to hit play. 

Sadly for many that will only be a dream — but not for recent Orange High School graduate Luke Hawksworth. He stars in Netflix’s upcoming reality show “Dating Around,” set for release this Thursday on Valentine’s Day. For all the people out there who aren’t with someone special this year, well, Luke’s got you covered.

Born and raised in Orange County, the 28-year-old graduated from Orange High School in 2009. He then headed down to the University of Central Florida in Orlando to study finance. 

After spending some time in the field, Hawksworth felt he was ready for a change and headed up to New York City in the hopes of fulfilling his cherished childhood dream: acting. However, upon arriving to the Big Apple without a job, Hawksworth sought steady work before truly pursuing the challenging field of acting. 

In New York, Hawksworth came to know and love the world of real estate. Having been partly inspired by the popular show “Million Dollar Listing,” on Bravo, Hawksworth was later hired as a broking agent by Compass, one of the top real estate companies in the country. While he thrived in his new line of work, he was eager to continue his path to an acting career. 

Little did he know, something was about to come along that would change his life forever.

During a short vacation in Europe, Hawksworth discovered an opening in a new reality dating show based in New York City. 

The job required a handsome, twenty-something man who was willing go on fancy blind dinner dates with a handful of charming female companions — all the while being paid for it. 

This type of offer, of course, sounded pretty promising. 

Hawksworth managed to get himself hired and, to sweeten the pot even more, he later learned the reality show was going to be a new Netflix Original called “Dating Around.”

“In each episode of flirtations and fails, one real-life single navigates five blind dates,” the platform’s preview summarizes. “The mission: Find one match worthy of a second date.”

The Guardian’s review of Netflix’s first original dating show claims “Dating Around” is a reality show “you’ll love to hate,” as New Yorkers “are seen on a set of chopped and spliced first dates with addictive, and embarrassing, results.”

Cosmopolitan, itself a guilty pleasure, claims the show will “100 percent be your next obsession.”

While Hawksworth had done some small commercial acting when he was younger, he never dreamed he would be on such a prestigious project like “Dating Around.” 

He was immediately blown away by not only the sheer scale of the show’s production, but also the undeniable skill of all those around him. 

Everyone from the show’s directors to its supporting crew were immensely talented at what they did — and Hawksworth did his best to soak up every bit of it.

According to Luke, “Dating Around” is hopefully just a “stepping stone” into what future awaits him as an actor. 

He continues to work as a real estate agent, but is still very open and eager to find other acting jobs. If you would like to stay updated with Hawksworth’s career and adventures, you can follow him on his personal Instagram @lukehawksworth.

“Dating Around” hits Netflix on Feb. 14.