The Forgotten Women Pilots of World War II

The Orange County Historical Museum will continue their lecture series later this month.

The museum will host a lecture on “The Forgotten Women Pilots of World War II” on Sunday, October 14, at 4 p.m.

During World War II, it became apparent pilots were desperately needed to ferry supplies, troops, and planes. 

General Hap Arnold had opposed using women pilots, but quickly saw they would be needed. 1,108 women made it through the grueling training (WASPS). These women flew 60 million miles, ferrying troops and supplies, and 38 of them died in service. 

Come hear about and give recognition to this remarkable group of women pilots in a talk led by Lorelei Kraft. 

She flew to the WASP reunion of the remaining living women pilots of World War II in 2012 in Sweetwater, Texas, where they had trained. 

Kraft will share many of the personal stories of this courageous group of women, who were flying in an era where many women didn't even have drivers' licenses, and whose contributions are mostly left out of history books. 

This event is free and open to the public. The Orange County Historical Museum is located at 201 N Churton St in downtown Hillsborough.

For more information, contact Anna Boyer, Museum Coordinator, at or Stephanie Pryor, Executive Director, at