Coronavirus spurs changes at Cup-A-Joe

Cup-A-Joe is a popular coffee shop and hangout in downtown Hillsborough.

Cup-A-Joe’s says it’s open and welcomes your business. But you’ll need to leave your personal containers at home. The Orange County Health Department yesterday advised the popular coffee shop to end its practice of allowing customers to bring their own mugs or travel cups to be filled by its baristas.

“We were advised not to touch customers’ cups because we don’t know where they’ve been,” said Brooke Erceg, who, with her husband, has owned and operated Cup-A-Joe since 2009.

Erceg said the dishes and utensils used by the shop are not a concern as the dishwashers used to clean them also sanitize. 

“We have a separate dishwasher for everything used for baking and a dishwasher for cups, saucers and silverware,” Erceg said.

She also said Cup-A-Joe’s will be taking preventative steps and sanitize all surfaces, and that it would continue to stay open as long it is allowed.

“Until we hear otherwise from the OCHD, we’ll continue to serve our customers,” Erceg said. “I have mixed feelings. We want to keep the community safe, but for a small business, it would be devastating for us to have to close.”