Hillsborough’s newest downtown establishment is open and ready for patrons to sip a drink and try their hand at a game of bocce ball. 

King Street Bar, located at 114 W. King St, celebrated the opening Friday evening, with town leaders and community members in attendance. 

“I always think of King Street right along here as… this is Hillsborough, this is where Hillsborough happens,” Mayor Tom Stevens said. “From hardware stores, art galleries, radio stations, and coffee shops – now we have this establishment. Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.” 

The bar joins good company, sitting adjacent to Cup-A-Joe, down the street from Lloyd's Pharmacy, across the street from Purple Crow, Dual Supply Hardware, and WHUP FM Hillsborough. 

The bar has a modern industrial flair that contrasts against the historic millwork ceiling and trim, accentuating the age of the over 100-year-old building. 

A chandelier and back lit antique mirror light the cozy bar top that is shaped to facilitate conversation. The bar dips in every two chairs, creating space for people to easily order drinks while others chat over drinks. 

The other side of the room is dedicated to a sand bocce ball court. A vintage piano separates the court from a seating area with plush chairs. Long purple velvet curtains are pulled back to let the sunlight from opened windows into the sitting area. Right outside the open window, company sits in wrought iron chairs to enjoy the warm May evening. 

“We’re just really happy to be open finally,” Owner Tim Lyons said. “We’re really excited to share all our hard work and to have some fun, and we look forward to being a part of this community. Thank you so much for all your support from the beginning.” 

With Hillsborough/ Orange County Chamber members, Town officials, and Lyons’ friends and family gathered, they cut the ribbon to signal the official opening of King Street Bar.