State Employees Credit Union Ribbon Cutting

From left to right: Hillsborough/Orange Co. Chamber of Commerce Board Director Jim McNeeley, Sheriff Charles Blackwood, Town Commissioner Kathleen Ferguson, Resolute Building Company Business Development and Safety Director Tony Jordan, Orange County Commissioner Renee Price, Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Member Denise Carrillo, Mayor Tom Stevens, SECU Vice President and City Officer Kevin McBroom (assisting Stevens), Resolute Building Company Assistant Superintendent David Shaw, Resolute Project Manager Philip Crosby, Resolute Building Company Project Superintendent Doug Kirk, Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Member Raul Herrera, Town Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem Jenn Weaver, Eric Olsen with Summit Design & Engineering and Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Member, and Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce CEO Kim Tesoro.

On Wednesday, February 21, over 50 people gathered for the opening reception for the relocation of the Hillsborough branch State Employees Credit Union office. 

“On behalf of the Town and the greater Orange County community and the Chamber, what a great turnout here for this wonderful event and this very, very beautiful building,” Mayor Tom Stevens said as he greeted the crowd before the ribbon cutting at the relocation. “We’re glad to have folks here, and as all thing are, the project was not just one person doing something, it was done by whole teams.”

He invited Eric Olsen of Summit Design and Engineering to say a few words.

“We’re very proud of the building and proud of this project and very appreciative the Credit Union and the relationship we’ve built with them,” he said. “I also want to thank Resolute Building Company, they did a fantastic job bringing this to life.”

He thanked the individuals on the team, and spoke particularly to the creativity of Brian Shepard, the lead architect on the project.

Shepard designed this building with a vast lobby space with high ceilings and windows that allow natural light to bounce off the walls and create an open environment. He incorporated elements familiar to North Carolina he said, such as woodwork elements that hint to the history of the Wright Brothers plane structure and millwork detail into the front desk designs, ceiling accents, and overall classic design of the facility. Shepard even made sure remove the echoing effect large spaces can have, choosing to design the space in a way that minimizes the harsh echo of a pen drop in a large room.

“We are headquartered here just a few blocks from this location so we are very proud to have a project here within our community wesee everyday and we can be proud of,” Olsen said. “Thank you for that opportunity and we look forward to many more to come.”

With Summit’s design and Resolute Building Company bringing the intrinsic design to fruition, the space also features three drive-thru lanes as well as a drive-up ATM for quick and convenient service.

The old space was just a stone’s throw from the new location, from 149 North Scotswood Boulevard branch to 1000 US Highway 70 East, Hillsborough, N.C

“It was a real honor to get this opportunity to work with State Employees,” Resolute Building Company Project Superintendent Doug Kirk said. “This is a gorgeous building, I’m very proud of it, it stands out anywhere you see these branches and we really appreciate the opportunity to work with Summit. Everybody, enjoy your new bank, it’s really the nicest one I’ve ever been in.”

SECU Vice President and City Officer Kevin McBroom shared a few words with the crowd as well.

“On behalf of the State Employees Credit Union I just want to just again thank everyone who has been a part of getting this branch off the ground and the construction of it,” he said. “It’s been a long process and we just couldn’t be happier to finally get it built and get it opened up for you all. We’re proud to have a great new building and such a nice facility.”