OHS Ag Day

Orange High School celebrated Agriculture Day on a sunny Friday in Hillsborough.

The back lot of Orange High School was filled with enthusiastic students and faculty participating in the annual Agriculture Day celebration, put on by the school’s chapter of Future Farmers of America, on Friday.

Students from all walks of academic life were on the scene to interact with their fellow classmates, enjoy the afternoon outside of the classroom, and learn more about the importance of agriculture.   

The lot had craft booths, a Kona Ice truck, farming information, and even an Army recruitment tent. Off to the side, a row of vintage tractors and farm equipment had been set up with students sitting in the cabs of the tractors. The Panther family was out by the droves to give support to the FFA sponsored event. Though the weather was near 90 degrees, a feeling of autumn was on site for the fair with the various booths and farm equipment.

For FFA President Allison Rogers, the event is an opportunity to show the Panther community that her club is an active group in the community and that they are a diverse group on campus.

“I think this will have an impact on our school and our community because it shows us students what FFA stands for and what type of events we do so they don’t think we are ‘farm folk,’ and shows that there is a lot of stuff involve with Agriculture Day,” Rogers said.

The event also brought out student talent; several students in the center of the lot were on stage performing for the Ag Day talent show.  Students sang a variety of songs ranging from Wagon Wheel, Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” and even a rendition of “3005” by Childish Gambino.

All songs were met with cheers and applause from the crowd gathered around and it showed a student body actively engaged with learning about how agriculture impacts their community.

Panther agriculture professor Cole Watkins enjoyed seeing such a large student involvement to the event and seeing the school engaged with learning about an organization he holds dear.

“The main focus is to bring agricultural awareness to the community and to the student body, it also provides a time for students to get together and take away some of the stresses from school,” he said.

Watkins happens to also be a former member of FFA and enjoys seeing students learn more about agriculture. The turnout showed that students at Orange High School are interested in learning about the benefits of farming and finding common ground in an organization which helps the entire Orange County community.