Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore

What is your educational background? My educational background is Master of Business Administration 2014 with distinction and Master of Science Performance Improvement 2016 with distinction both from Grantham University. 

What is your professional background? My professional background is special education and mental health. I have 12 years’ experience in the NC Public School system and 6 years mental health experience with various private sectors. I am currently employed in higher education with Duke University Fuqua School of Business working with the PhD finance department providing academic assistance/faculty support. 

Have you ever held political office? If so, please describe your experience. No, I have not held a political office seat. 

Why are you choosing to run for Orange County Commissioner/Board of Education at this point in time?  I am running for school board because I have genuine interest in seeing that every school is the best it can be. As a potential school board member, I will work collaboratively with Orange County School stakeholders to ensure that a quality educational programming is available for every child. Our students deserve safe and nurturing schools. During my tenure 12 years’ experience with the NC Public School System as an exceptional children’s assistant; I learned to focus on what is best for all students through collaboration on school leadership teams. Serving on school leadership allowed me the ability to create school artifacts to demonstrate growth as well as individual student portfolios to demonstrate academic success. I have two years of standardized testing experience and I also served as vice-president for Orange County Association of Educators where I advocated for public education on the local, state, and national level.

What are some of the challenges that you see facing Orange County in the coming years that you’ll have to take on if elected?  In the next 3-5 years some of the challenges that the Orange County Board of Education will potentially face are: 1. Hiring and retaining diverse staff; 2. Leadership pipeline and succession planning; 3. Curriculum and assessment 4. Declining school enrollment; 5. Tax cuts; 6. Per pupil funding; 7. Education challenges of rural schools

Please describe briefly your vision for Orange County: If elected, I envision a future for our community where the board members work in a transparent collaborative manner with the community to ensure that all students succeed and increase a passion for learning. As a community we will be committed to building and sustaining an environment conducive to capitalizing on the diversity within our community as a source of intellectual and personal growth and innovation. As a former public school educator I envision that every student is on a path to graduate and educationally equipped to live a successful life. I also envision our community providing the resources to protect and enrich students when they are in and out of the classroom and the school board effectively pursuing financial policies which provide an outstanding return on our communities’ investment in our school district. 

Why should voters vote for you in the March 3 Spring Primary? Voters should vote for me on March 3 because I am truly  concerned about the education and academic achievement of our students. I believe in proactively advocating for students, educators, staff, and the community. I care about our students and I believe in the value of public education. I am willing to work hard for the students and the community and I will be engaged in the work of the schools-from classrooms, concerts, award ceremonies, sporting events, and everything in between.  As a potential school board member it will be my priority to be aware what is going on in the schools. I will advocate with transparency for the school district and the connection between the community and Orange County Schools. To strengthen the relationship with the community I would like to organize curriculum fairs, email newsletters, attend non-school events, engage on social media, and engage with civic groups. As a potential board member, I am ready to serve Orange County School district as an advocate.