Hillsborough Board
(From left) Commissioner Kathleen Ferguson, Mayor Pro Tem Jenn Weaver, Commissioner Matt Hughes, Mayor Tom Stevens and commissioners Evelyn Lloyd and Mark Bell. The Board of Commissioners is seeking candidates to fill a two-year term on the board starting in December.

Town of Hillsborough residents who are interested in joining the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners have less than 24 hours left to fill out an application.

Citizens have until Friday at noon to make their interest known and apply for the seat vacated by new Hillsborough mayor Jenn Weaver. Weaver, who had two years remaining on her term, will be sworn in as mayor on Dec. 9.

After the application closes, the board will decide which candidates to interview by Nov. 12.

By Nov. 25, the board hopes to have conducted a vote to select a new candidate for the position. If a candidate is chosen, they will be sworn in on Dec. 9. If a candidate is not chosen by Nov. 25, the interview process will continue.

Four citizens have submitted applications at this time.