Jennie McCray

Jennie McCray

What is your educational background? I studied athletic training and sports medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University

What is your professional background? I founded and co-own a successful business, The Accidental Baker, here in Hillsborough, NC.  Before moving to North Carolina my husband and I founded, owned and operated a successful aquaculture business, and oyster and clam farm. 

Have you ever held a political office? If so, please describe your experience. No

Why are you choosing to run for Orange County Commissioner/Board of Education at this point in time? I feel like my perspective and experience can make a difference. 

What are some of the challenges that you see facing Orange County in the coming years that you’ll have to take on if elected?  

1. Our buildings need major repairs and should be assessed routinely so we can manage their upkeep.  Spending needs to be reviewed to assure our priorities are in line with safe buildings before aesthetic improvements, and to plan for incoming students with the growth in our district.

2. A redistricting plan needs exploring with extensive stakeholder input and a timeline for any changes.  

3. We need to revamp our communications so that all the stakeholders have easy access to the same information, in writing. This includes updating all websites and fixing search engines. 

4. We need to expand teacher aides and the AVID program.  

5. We also need to better understand the reason students and teachers are leaving our district and look for solutions. 

Please describe briefly your vision for Orange County: To have a stronger, informed community that is engaged with our schools.  We need to increase support for all employees, and ensure our schools are safe and secure.  We need to make sure all students have access to the tools necessary to achieve their goals. 

Why should voters vote for you in the March 3 Spring Primary?  I’m passionate about our children’s education.  After years of advocating and learning to navigate our system, I can help with improvements.  I’ve been a supporter of student safety, transparency, and equity.

I support continuing easy communication such as the Listen and Learn meetings in our schools now.  To find the best solutions you must consider all sides.

 As a business owner, I will promote efficiency, productivity, and fiscal responsibility.  This is essential for business survival, and fundamental for a responsible member of the school board. You can learn more at: