Alyssa Judkins

Alyssa Judkins has been the top seller in her counceil two years running.

Two Orange County Girl Scouts recently became members of the High Achievers Club as part of the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program after a year that saw them sell thousands of boxes of cookies. 

Alyssa Judkins and Giada Tiani, each were elevated to the High Achievers Club after passing the 5,000-box threshold needed to be granted admittance. 

For their achievements, the two Orange County students received an engraved plaque, special cookie business cards, and a personalized letter of recommendation from Lisa Jones, CEO of Girl Scouts-North Carolina Coastal Pines.

Tiani, who has sold 12,035 boxes during her six years with Girl Scouts, says she has learned about business and what it takes to be a good salesperson during her time as a Girl Scout. She’s even made a YouTube video titled “Cookie Training,” for how to sell cookies.

“I’ve learned a lot about business and how to manage it from Girl Scouts,” Tiani said. “I’ve also learned a lot about how to talk to people. I’m actually shy, so selling cookies helped me be less shy because to sell them you really have to talk to people, so I learned a lot about that, too.”

Tiani has certainly used social media to her advantage in helping her distribute cookies. She posted announcements about cookies on her mother’s Facebook page to gain some customers, and she also has repeat buyers who have helped her sell boxes. 

Using a strategy of supply and demand, she also frequented locations with younger consumers who did not normally get visits from Girl Scouts and she found success in doing so.

Although Tiani admits she was surprised she received recognition for her work, she was pleased nonetheless.

“I’m very excited,” Tiani said. “I didn’t think I would get it, but I guess here I am now. It’s very exciting for me.”

Even though Tiani, a rising eighth grader, has received her award, she will continue to work hard with Girl Scouts. She is currently working on her silver award with the program and plans to pursue a gold award once she gets to high school.

“I think I’m going to finish out girl scouts until I age out of it,” Tiani said.

Judkins, meanwhile, has been the top seller in her council two years running. During her time with the Girl Scouts, the Hillsborough Elementary fifth grader has sold 27,847 boxes en route to a nomination to the High Achievers Club. She notes the achievement is hard work paying off.

“It feels very good because I earned it,” Judkins said. “It took a lot of time, but I made it. It was long, cold days, but I made it.”

To be the top seller for her council two years running, Judkins certainly must have a strategy to her business model. She says that she can sell to anyone she can find, but she also relies on various methods.

“I do networking and that’s how I get to the people,” Judkins said. “Sometimes I go to stands to do the cookie selling. I also do booths.”

Throughout her time with Girl Scouts, Judkins has certainly learned how to become a more effective salesperson and count her money. However, those aren’t the only skills she’s picked up.

“I learned to communicate better, I learned to do business, and I learned about teamwork, and hard work,” Judkins said. “Sometimes you don’t want to do something but you know you have to do it. You say, ‘Hey, it’s going to affect [me] later.”

Judkins plans to stay with Girl Scouts moving forward, like Tiani. Judkins is currently working on her bronze award. Her task is gardening, and she must log 20 hours to complete the task, but she’s getting close to completion. After that, she plans to pursue her silver and gold awards.

It’s clear the two girls have learned plenty from their time in Girl Scouts, and they will continue to sharpen their business skills in the near future.