Efland Club

Orange County Officer Daniel Roberson (center) and Sheriff Charles Blackwood (right) received checks from the Efland Ruritan Club Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night at the Efland Ruritan Club, gifts were given in the form of checks to Orange County law enforcement for a special project. The Efland Ruritan Club presented the Orange County Sheriff’s Office with a gift for their holiday gift drive and for holiday law enforcement involvement. The Efland Ruritan Club, well known for being a highly active civic organization, decided to help aid OCSO with providing children in need a way to have a Merry Christmas by fulfilling their needs and gift giving as well. The program called “Shopping with Sheriff” is designed to help underprivileged children in need, around the holidays. The Efland Ruritan Club has been actively involved with this charity scheme to make sure children in the county are impacted for the better.

Sheriff Charles Blackwood was presented during the meeting Tuesday night by Efland Ruritan Club member Chip Gill. Sheriff Blackwood’s wife, Lisa, was also in attendance. Sheriff Blackwood expressed how pleased he was that the civic club helped to step in for such the cause. Sheriff Blackwood praised years of dedication the organization has put forth to ensuring that the Orange County community is better served and that those most in need can be helped. A check of five hundred dollars was presented to Sheriff Blackwood for the cause.

Sheriff Blackwood praised the club for the fine job that it has done over the years to ensure civic pride and civic engagement.

“A lot good conversations have been had and a lot of great friendships have been forged,” Sheriff Blackwood said. “My wife and I take pride in coming to the Ruritan Club because it shows another side of our community that’s really special and engaged.”

An additional check for five hundred dollars was presented to Officer Daniel Roberson. Officer Roberson is the officer in charge of the “Shopping with Sheriff” program and feels very honored to head such a program.

Officer Roberson is hopeful that the check gifted by the Efland Ruritan Club will help benefit children in need in Orange County.

“This check we really appreciate, we take twenty kids and get them a Christmas they deserve,” Officer Roberson said. “This is going to be an addition to what they need to help them have the Christmas they deserve. I don’t know what y’all are doing Dec. 6, but if you go to Walmart and you see these kid’s faces glowing and smiling it will make your day and make your week.”

Members present at Tuesday night’s meeting were glad they could help out Sheriff Blackwood and his officers in working towards a brighter 2019 holiday for children in Orange County. The Efland Rurtain Club has a long standing history of working along side law enforcement and other county government agencies to ensure needs are met and community members receive needs they may be lacking.