Kid Stop INC celebrates three graduates

Three preschoolers graduated from Kid Stop INC on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, Kid Stop INC celebrated the graduation of several preschool students. Families came to watch these young graduates complete their preschool career.

The graduates included: Louie Durka-Manese, Emily Faucette, and Noa Rayne Pipkin. Others pictured are children in the preschool program, including: Penelope Cave, Leah Gerber, Kate Huff, Kennedi McAdoo, Mackenzie Rose Oliver, and Jaxon Ratliff.

This graduation was quite memorable with a second generation graduate, Emily Faucette in attendance. Her mother, Dana Wagner Faucette, graduated from Tiny Tots where Candace Roberts and Sarah Holt worked.

The kids showcased their recitation of alphabet, counting in English and Spanish, sign language, days of the week, and favorite songs. Emily read one of her favorite stories and diploma and participation certificates were awarded.

There was also a special presentation from a renowned puppeteer Tarish Pipkins, also a father of one of the graduates. Pipkins performed with several of his puppets that are made from recycled material, with one of the favorites Dinah the T-rex dinosaur.

The Kid Stop INC, a family-owned and operated business formed in 1999, was originally an afterschool program and summer camp and incorporated hourly drop-in and a morning preschool program when they moved to the Churton Grove Center. Candace and Morgan Roberts run the short -term childcare facility. Candace has her bachelors and has been in childcare almost 35 years. Morgan has a Masters in Professional School Counseling. Sarah Holt assisted with festivities.