Cedar Ridge Marching Band Seniors

The Cedar Ridge Marching Band will say goodbye to nine seniors as they graduate this spring – nearly one-third of the marching band. The seniors were honored on Monday evening during the JV football game.

Cedar Ridge recognized nine marching band seniors Monday night during the JV football game. 

During halftime, these seniors were honored for their dedication to the marching band, which is an extracurricular activity and only offered during the fall semester. 

The marching band will say goodbye to nearly one-third of their crew as these seniors graduate in the spring. The seniors represented the largest number of students from one grade level. 

Cedar Ridge Band Director Josh Cvijanovic is already encouraging students to continue marching band participation next year, and hoping they encourage their friends to do the same. 

Though football season has ended, the marching band will have one last event as they march in the annual Hillsborough Holiday Parade.

“When we participate in the parade every year, I always open it up to folks who did not participate in marching band,” Cvijanovic said. “I say, ‘Come out, do a couple rehearsals, get your feet wet, and see what it’s about.’ That always garners a little more interest.”

Each year, anywhere from 30-45 students participate in the parade, and often, a few new students will join the marching band the following year after experiencing the energy. 

Cedar Ridge offers a Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble I, Symphonic Band and Jazz Ensemble II courses. For the first year as part of Cedar Ridge’s International Baccalaureate program, they are offering a music course titled “IB Music SL.”

Each of the courses represent a different technical level, and the students must audition to be accepted into the Wind Ensemble or Jazz Ensemble I. 

Marching Band rehearses for an hour and a half on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though Thursday rehearsals have been few and far between this year, so students can perform at the Thursday JV football games. 

“I was concerned when I found out there was not going to be a varsity football team,” Cvijanovic said. “I spoke with the student leadership and especially the seniors and asked, ‘What do you want to get out of this season?’ They said they still really wanted to participate, to be involved, they wanted to march, and they wanted to keep it as close to normal as we could.”

The group felt it was important to remain supportive for the football team and to continue marching band participation. 

“We want to support the idea of school spirit and the whole Friday Night Lights mentality,” Cvijanovic said, “and to be there for the team now so that in the future we can continue growing that relationship as we move forward.”

Though Cvijanovic was nervous there would be a large drop in marching band sign up numbers, most students stuck with the group.

“As far as being a musician, anytime you’re actively playing your instrument is an opportunity to get better and grow,” Cvijanovic said of the various band courses and clubs offered. “Anytime you’re playing something of a different style is just going to broaden your horizons. I really think that makes them well-rounded musicians.”

The following seniors were honored on Monday evening:

• Anika Bell is a saxophonist and the Band President. She plays in Marching Band, Jazz II, Wind Ensemble, and Symphonic Band. After graduation, she plans to attend a 4-year university to study Music Production and Recording Arts. 

• Caitlin Campbell is a piccolo player and has been in wind ensemble since freshman year, Marching Band since sophomore year, and joined Jazz Band her senior year. She serves as band librarian for both concert bands and is a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. She plans to attend a 4-year university to earn a bachelor’s degree and then go to physical therapy school. 

• Ryan Dwyer is a clarinet and alto saxophone player. He performs in Wind Ensemble as a clarinetist, and as an alto saxophonist in Marching Band and Jazz II. He plans to attend a 4-year university majoring in either Industrial Design or Mechanical Engineering. 

• Asha Edmondson, Brass Captain, has played in concert and jazz bands for seven years and the marching band for four years. She has studied dancing ballet, tap, jazz, and modern since she was three and plans to continue dancing after high school. She will attend a 4-year university and pursue a double major in journalism and public policy. 

• Carmen Johnson, Marching Woodwind Captain, has played in both Wind Ensemble and marching band since freshman year, and has been a member of Tri-M since junior year. She plans on going to a four year university and wants to study business.

• Carson Mooring, Drum Major, is a member of both the Marching Band and CRHS Choir. She also belongs to the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Carson plans to attend a 4- year university and pursue a bachelor’s degree in music education.

• Virginia Nadworny, a clarinet player, has played in the marching band since 9th grade and participated in concert band since middle school. After graduation, she plans to attend a 4-year university and major in civil engineering. 

• Kylar Ray, Visual Captain, has played in both concert and marching band since freshman year. She has served many leadership roles and plans on going to a four year university to achieve a diploma in theatre tech of light or stage design.

• Maddie Vavrousek, a clarinet player, is in her 4th year of Wind Ensemble and has been in marching band since sophomore year. She serves in leadership as equipment manager for the Marching Red Wolves and she is part of the Tri-M National Honor Society. She plans to attend a 4-year university and study adolescent psychology.