Orange County home fire kills two prior to New Years

A mobile home at 107 Shambley Road in Mebane caught fire the evening of December 29. Although the Mebane Fire Department was called to the scene and quickly put out the fire, two individuals trapped inside the mobile home were killed at the scene.

A home fire between Christmas and New Year’s Day in Mebane tragically claimed the lives of two local residents, the Mebane Fire Department confirmed to the Enterprise. 

About 8:20 p.m. the evening of Sunday December 29, according to Mebane Fire Department Chief Bob Louis, authorities were called to a residence at 107 Shambley Road in Orange County, to the immediate west of Buckhorn Road and immediate south of U.S. Highway 70. Law enforcement officials were also on the scene in addition to the Mebane Fire Department.  

Upon arrival, firefighters attempted to rescue two local residents, identified as William Alan Gourley, 55, and Betsey Gourley 30, who were trapped inside the mobile home at the address. 

Sadly, the two individuals had succumbed to smoke inhalation by the time the firefighters could get to them. 

“The covered porch is where the fire started. The fire spread underneath the mobile home and up through the windows and doors, blocking both exits,” Chief Louis explained. “There were only two in there, and they were both deceased.”

Although the interior of the mobile home was completely burned throughout, firefighters managed to put out the fire before the structure collapsed, or before the fire could spread to nearby foliage or neighboring homes. Louis added that the cause of the fire is undetermined.