Tree Down

Countless trees were down in the yard of N.C. state Rep. Graig Meyer, in the White Cross community. No injuries have been reported in Orange County. 

Following tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings throughout the day, a tornado reportedly touched down in Hillsborough just after 5 p.m. Friday evening. 

Trees, signs, and power lines went down, and at least one house just south of Interstate-40 was demolished. 

North Carolina state Rep. Graig Meyer shared a video showing massive wreckage around his home in the White Cross community in the southwestern part of Orange County. A bridge over a creek leading up to Meyer's house was virtually gone. 

"[Our home and] our cars miraculously got missed," Meyer says in his video.

In a video with the Raleigh News and Observer, Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood details how the house on Old-86 "not 100 yards from" Interstate-40 was completely demolished. 

"This residence was unoccupied, thankfully," Blackwood said. "So there are no injuries as a result of this, but the devastation and damage done to that home is an indication of just how bad this was." 

The Orange County Sportsplex reported losing power at around 5 p.m., but said they were contacted by Duke Energy and expected to be open tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. as is regularly scheduled. 

Mayor Tom Stevens reported other scattered power outages throughout town, in addition to some traffic lights that had been affected.