Heavy rains on Saturday have left Orange County facing closures and cleanup this week.

The southwest end of Valley Forge Rd. is closed to traffic because of a washout at the Cates Creek culvert.

The rain caused the creek level to rise, and the culvert was clogged with floating debris. 

The town of Hillsborough is warning citizens to avoid the area and has hired engineers to assess soil conditions and develop a strategy for rebuilding the road.

A section of Davis Rd. is also closed after extensive water erosion under the asphalt. The erosion left a gaping hole beneath the road and the area is blocked from traffic.

Town of Hillsborough Crew Leader Brian Tatum said that, this week, he saw a typical amount of cleanup needed in the area after a heavy rain.

 The Riverwalk greenway and Gold Park at 425 Dimmocks Mill Rd. also faced a two-day closure due to heavy mud and leaf debris from the weekend’s storm. 

Sweeper and jet wash machines were sent to the area to clean the walkways and the park re-opened on Tuesday, but the South Cameron St. access trail is still in need of some gravel replacement. 

According to Town of Hillsborough public works, these areas are designed to handle occasional flooding from the Eno River but do require some recovery time. 

“These measures are standard with this sort of rain event because the park and a greenway are in a floodplain,” Town of Hillsborough Planning Director Margaret Hauth said. “The main hazard is people running or walking on this slick mud.”