The Burwell School Historic Site will remain closed until June 29.

The Burwell School Historic Site is temporarily closed while an investigation into an employee’s theft of property from the site is investigated by the Burwell School Historic Site and the Hillsborough Police Department. 

“More information will be forthcoming,” Steve Peck, chairman of the Burwell School Historic Site, said. “The investigation by the police and the school is ongoing and recent. By our bylaws, we are required to audit every five years, and there will be an ongoing process of auditing our recent records to find what losses we have and how much we think we’ve lost.” 

The theft was listed as a “larceny by employee” on a Hillsborough Police report. The police investigation was opened early last week and Hillsborough Police Dept. Investigator Nicole Brinkley was assigned to the case. 

Peck said that, to his knowledge, the site did not suffer any physical damage or vandalism of any sort. The site will remain closed until June 29, when it will reopen for a historic brick restoration workshop. 

“This was an easier time for us to close for the investigation since it is early summer and we don’t have quite as much programming scheduled,” Peck said. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that the site stays as beautiful and as wonderful as it has been for visitors, and that our shareholders and supporters know that this case is in the hands of the proper authorities.”