Dear Editor, 

My family and I have been residents of rural Orange County (Dodsons Crossroads) for three decades. Downtown Hillsborough has been our favorite area of small business activity. For example, Dual Supply Company and other small businesses in the area have been providing us hardware and services for the maintenance of our 200 year old farmhouse and the surrounding land. However, it has become increasingly difficult lately to find parking near these businesses on West King and adjoining streets. My contacts in the area tell me that the increasing Hillsborough area population brings more people to the downtown, which should be good for the area businesses. But lack of parking limit enforcement there is the real problem. I have personally noticed cars parked for endless hours in 2-3 hour parking zones while their drivers and passengers might be having leisurely lunches on Churton Street or visiting the library nearby. I write this letter basically for two reasons: First and foremost to draw the attention of the Hillsborough Police Department and suggest strict parking limit enforcement by ticketing the violators; for once the word gets around, drivers would be cautious not to violate parking limits. I understand that currently there is hardly any such enforcement. Second, to alert the area drivers of the problem identified here and ask them to please follow the posted parking limits. I have already contacted the Hillsborough Mayor about this issue and shall soon be personally contacting the Hillsborough Police Department. Thank you for your attention. 

(Prof.) Aqueil Ahmad