I write today to respond to the claims made by Graig Meyer that appeared in the News of Orange on July 11. I appreciate having the chance to respond to his monthly articles he writes here in the News of Orange. When needed I will continue to respond. 

Mr. Meyer condemns the GOP leadership for “failing to listen (to teachers) and turned their back on our children and their families”. It was Mr. Meyer who voted against the Teachers. 

On February 13, the GOP passed House Bill 90 in the General Assembly. The Bill redirected $58 million to education. The Bill also reduces class size over the next four years and created a recurring $61.3 million allotment for Art, Music, and P.E. Teachers. It provides support for personal education savings accounts for disabled children. It provides $82 million in 2019- 2020 for additional Pre-Kindergarten Education slots, and $91.3 million each year thereafter. Mr. Meyer was one of the only eleven democrats to vote against House Bill 90. Twenty-One democrats and 104 republicans voted for and passed House Bill 90. 

Another piece of legislation was passed in 2017. It was Senate Bill 599. That Bill provides more options for those seeking to become teachers. Mr. Meyer opposed that bill too. 

Another GOP initiative was House Bill 800. It allows businesses to help build or equip charter schools and to reserve seats in the schools for employees to reduce cost. Mr. Meyer voted against this law on June 29. 

Mr. Meyer claims to want to make N.C. a leader in public education.

I do believe there is a place for charter schools and for private schools. Most people cannot afford these private schools; but, for those that can, it is a good thing. I attended public schools all my life and I fully support public education. I know the public-school system is the great hope for most of our children. I am not sure how Mr. Meyer was educated or exactly where.

Mr. Meyer also voted against Senate Bill 744.

In 2014 Mr. Meyer voted against Senate Bill 744 which has given a $1,000 pay raise to state employees and teachers pay raise was 7 percent, on average. Notwithstanding Mr. Meyer’s vote against the measure, it became law.

Mr. Meyer voted against the 2016 budget that set tuition at $500 per semester. Despite touting his experience helping people who have trouble affording higher education, Mr. Meyer voted against the 2016 budget that set tuition cost at $500 per semester. He voted “No” on July 1. The law was passed to freeze tuition rates at four in-state schools at $500 per semester. NCCU (where I earned my law degree in 1981, “Go Eagles!”), Elizabeth City State University, Pembroke and Western Carolina. Additionally, the GOP initiative caps Student fee increases at 3 percent a year. Mr. Meyer voted against this.

Mr. Meyer voted against House Bill 13 on August 12.

House Bill 13 requires all new entrants into the public-school system to have a health assessment, so any potential ailments can be identified, and the children will be protected. Until this law was passed only children entering kindergarten were subject to a health assessment. Children entering the public system for the first time at a higher grade were not subject to a health assessment.

Mr. Meyer, by the proof of his votes against education measures in 2014, 2017 and 2018 has proven he is ignoring the needs of our children and our teachers. Now he is trying to mislead you by saying the GOP does not support public education. Hogwash.

As Mr. Meyer said, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Well, his actual votes show you who he is; however, his July 11 article tells you something else. That article tells you what he will say to get elected.