While walking to my car I glanced at the bumper sticker that was on the vehicle parked next to my car. As I read it, it made me smile. The bumper sticker was bright and colorful hearts in the shape of North Carolina. The quote on it said, “Y’all means Everyone.” I had to agree. Y’all does mean everyone. In fact, it means everyone all the time.

I wish this were true. My question for you is: Why is it so hard for this to be a reality? Please feel free to respond. The concept seems so simple. It suggests inclusion for all without concern of any personal prejudices. Can we, as a people, rid our bias ideals and really embrace each other? 

I’d like to share another quote that is as common in thought as apple pie is as a choice for dessert. I am referring to “The Golden Rule.” Wikipedia states, “The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated.” What if that rule was held as not only the standard, but the norm for how we treated other people? 

The idea excites me and makes me think of the possibilities that would hold true.

• Lawmakers would actually be making laws that serve all the people all of the time.

• Those considered “different” would not be considered different…they would be acknowledged in the same way each of us should be viewed…unique in our own way.

• There would be more empathy for those who are being treated unfairly, and that treatment would not be tolerated.

• The needs of every community would be valued and supported equally.

• The idea of “me versus them” would not be a thought because the conversation would be about “us and we.”

This list could go on and on but the point to be made is for things to get better there are some shifts that have to be made. Hearts and minds have to be open in order to consider being able to walk in another’s shoes so that there is real understanding of another’s trials. Only then can we honestly consider how we would personally feel if we were them. What would we ask of ourselves if we were them? What would we be willing to do that might make a difference to them if we could help them?

I can’t speak for anyone, but I can share my truth by letting you know that there have been people throughout my life who have shown up, reached out to me and impacted my life in positive ways just by including me. More than a few opened doors which had been closed to me, which led to opportunities for me. Some saw something I could not see in me and encouraged me to continue to try. A few taught me real skills that have served me well. Others shared a bit of wisdom with me which impacted my thoughts. Perhaps your memory will allow you to see the times when others have reached out to you to help you, which made a difference in your life.

Each of “Y’all” is important and I see great things for “Y’all.”


Regina Gale

Regina Gale is a Singer, Poet and Speaker. The author of “Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes” a touching and candid perspective of life from a seasoned woman’s heart. www.reginagale.com.