I recently broke down and purchased a new vacuum cleaner. The one I had and cherished for over 20 years still worked, but was heavy and cumbersome to use.

What I loved about it when I purchased it was that it transformed into a shampoo-er as well. The only problem is, I never really figured out how to use it as a shampoo-er. Of course I passed that task on to my son, CJ. (Please don’t try to shame me for having my child do things I have not figured out … I know some of you have made “special projects” for your children, too.)

What amazes me with my new vacuum cleaner is I can see how much dust and animal fur is actually present – something that has gone unnoticed until the vacuum highlighted it. It has almost become a game with me to vacuum.

Technology has provided so many useful things that make a difference in our lives. Many of us will never understand exactly how or why all the things we choose to use works. We only care that they do what we need them to do when we need them to do it. I decided to share some things that I know for sure will forever remain constant. I hope you find these relatable.


Here’s What I Know…

-I know the gift of life is a beautiful thing.

-I know that in order to enjoy the highs of life, one must endure the lows of life.

-I know that love is indeed splendid. Choosing the right person who can love you back is a more challenging proposition.

-I know that all good things require time invested. Having people who love you means spending time to let love grow.

-I know that fulfilling goals and dreams takes time.

-I know that commitment is not for the faint of heart, but is worth the price for a happy life.

-I know that some will not be able to support my dreams. Often, that’s because they are afraid to dream.

-I know that my health is the most valuable commodity I have. A healthy mind and body are priceless.

-I know that what I say I am going to do is not as meaningful as what I actually do.

-I know that my child watches and sees everything I do, so I must lead by example.

-I know that in the past I have loved others more than I loved myself. Until I love myself, I can’t show another how I expect to be loved.

-I know that accepting mediocrity in relationships is death to a relationship. It is the responsibility of both parties in the relationship to make each other better.

-I know that getting older does not mean I feel old.

-I know that wisdom is a gift to be shared.

-I know that I just want to be heard, respected and loved. So, I want to hear you, because I respect you and I have love for you.

-I know that right now, I know more than you care to hear so I bid you adieu for now.


Regina Gale

Regina Gale is a singer, poet and speaker. She is the author of “Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes,” a book that offers touching and candid perspectives that will speak to your heart. www.reginagale.com.