Knots 'n Such

Amy Wurster laughs with some guests during a wedding.

It’s been a long road, but according to Amy Wurster, the journey—and the wait—has been more than worth it.

Wurster officially launched her wedding planning business in January after doing a trial run last year and more than a decade dabbling in the industry.

What it is: Knots ’n Such Events, based in Hillsborough, is a wedding and special event planning company serving the greater Triangle area, but Wurster said she’s taken clients from the coast to the mountains.

The ins and outs: Wurster offers a variety of packages, from the most basic to the extremely involved.

For couples who want to plan most of the wedding themselves but need someone to pull it all together the day of, Knots ‘n Such has a day-of—or really month-of—coordination package.

The full-service planning package is the most complex, with Wurster handling all the legwork and the happy couple making the decisions. Tasks range from researching and contacting vendors to setting up a website to preparing floor plans and drafting timelines.

The planner also offers a partial package, which basically acts as a custom-built service. Couples can choose which details they need help with and benefit from monthly consultations to make sure they’re on the right track with anything they’re doing on their own.

Taking root: Wurster got her career started off in the software industry. Chatting one day with a friend and coworker, the two decided they should get out of the corporate world and start their own business; Wurster loved to decorate, and her friend loved to cook. Life and work got in the way, however, and the idea never became more than just that.

Then came Wurster’s wedding. She didn’t have a wedding planner and managed to pull the whole event off in less than two months by the skin of her teeth.

“I didn’t know what I was doing; nobody around me knew what they were doing,” she said. “I had absolutely no guidance, and I pulled my wedding together in six weeks. It’s crazy. And so the night before the wedding, we were all at my parents’ house in Virginia, and my brothers—I love them, but they decided to give an impromptu bachelor party to my husband in the room next to my bedroom. Nobody got any sleep.”

The wedding party and family woke up early the next morning to decorate—helped by an army of friends and relatives—but by the end of the day, Wurster said she just felt sick. She’d had no sleep, and she barely ate a thing during the wedding as people continued to pull her away to chat and congratulate her.

Spurred by her experience, Wurster said she wanted to make sure no bride felt that way on her wedding day. She began to research the industry and volunteered to help any friend or family member who would have her.

Eventually, she and her husband moved from Atlanta to North Carolina, settling in Hillsborough, and about four-and-a-half years ago, Wurster caught the bug again.

“I planned a wedding here in Hillsborough, and it ignited my passion, I guess you could say,” she said. “I had so much fun, and so I decided to start then putting things in place to be able to start my business some day.”

After years of research and a course in wedding planning, Wurster began advertising her company in 2014.

Why Hillsborough: Wurster said she and her husband kind of stumbled on Hillsborough almost six years ago. Her husband landed a job in Durham, and the two moved up from Atlanta. They decided they wanted to live in a smaller town to start their family and just happened to find a house for rent in the Orange County seat.

“We had been looking all around Chapel Hill, and I said, ‘You know what, the GPS says this is only 10 minutes out from Chapel Hill. Let’s go take a look at it,’ ” she said. “We fell in love with this little town. The house was cute and everything, and it’s home. Now it’s home.”

The trial year: Wurster took 2014 to get acquainted with the wedding world in the area. She did seven weddings at a discounted rate to get some recent experience and form working relationships with local vendors, and now she said she’s ready to go.

A step apart: But Knots ’n Such is more than just the typical event planning service. Wurster said she also has experience in flowers and can offer overall event as well as floral design in addition to the three packages.

Erin Weeks / News of Orange