Eno River Dental

The brand-new office of Eno River Dental. The practice recently opened on Mayo Street in Hillsborough.

Hillsborough has something new to smile about as it takes a step forward in innovation. The town welcomed a new dentistry practice that prides itself on its cool, modern approach to health care.

Doctors Carolina Latta and Sharon Lau met while in dentistry school and immediately became friends. The two eventually decided to open Eno River Dental in Hillsborough. 

While Hillsborough tends to have more of a small-town feel, the technology they incorporate in their practice is what one would expect to find in a large, modern city.

“We brought a different sort of vibe to Hillsborough,” Latta and Lau said. “We have digital everything.” 

This is quickly apparent to patients.  Everything in the office is mobile-friendly and paperless, and the practice has some of the most advanced x-ray technology on the market. The practice even has a camera that allows patients to see exactly what the dentist is seeing in the patient’s mouth.

“We are modern and high tech, but also approachable,” Latta and Lau said. They further explained that patients often say that they feel as if they are at a spa, coffee shop, or hotel lobby, finding a sense of relaxation when they enter the facility.

“We are really drawn to efficiency and cutting down on waste, and technology really allows you to do that” Latta and Lau explained.

Eno River Dental also use social media to help the practice grow, as well as to keep in touch with patients.

“We use social media to have something fun to share with people. We are people and we just want to take care of your teeth.” they explained.

Latta and Lau make a point to stress infection control in the office, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They said when the dental recommendation guidelines came out, they had already been following 95 percent of the recommendations.

Eno River Dental is located on Mayo Street in Hillsborough.