Buc-ee's Truck

A display inside a Buc-ee’s in Texas. The company has proposed a 63,000-square-foot location at Efland Station in Orange County. 

After more than a year of intensive study and community conversations, BUC-EE’S has withdrawn its zoning application for the 104-acre Efland Station project after determining Orange County is not a suitable fit for the mixed-use development that would have included a hotel, restaurants, medical office, retail shops and a BUC-EE’S travel center.

“We appreciate the support we have received from hundreds of people in Efland and northern Orange County who were excited about the opportunities and jobs BUC-EE’S and Efland Station would bring,” said Stan Beard, director of real estate for BUC-EE’S. “Unfortunately, Orange County Commissioners were not receptive to 200 jobs with starting pay of $15 per hour and full benefits, more than $1 million in direct tax revenue and multiple services that would create additional jobs, tax revenue and benefit a sector of the community that has been historically underserved.”

BUC-EE’S is a highly regarded, Texas-based travel center chain that has recently been expanding into other Southeastern states. Its stores cater to families and individuals on road trips, and are known for clean restrooms, convenient fueling options and wide variety of food and specialty items. In addition to its Texas stores, the company has opened travel centers in Alabama and Georgia, with other locations soon to open in Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina.

BUC-EE’S is in the process of evaluating potential sites in other North Carolina communities for its travel centers.

“We remain committed to North Carolina, and are confident we will find another location that is suitable to the unique travel experience BUC-EE’S brings,” said Beard.