Zorro, the goat, mugs for the camera in his pen at his home in Efland.


With COVID-19 infections trending downward across North Carolina and much of the nation, many people are enjoying the relief of finally ditching the facemask now that vaccinations have been administered to more than half the country’s adults. People are also enjoying a little more levity. 

Such is the case with the growing celebrity status of Zorro, the baby goat, who was born a couple of months ago with face markings resembling a black mask. 

“We’ve had a few goats over time, but never one that looks like this one,” said 90-year-old Cecil Kimrey, who owns Zorro and keeps him on his land in Efland. "We've lived here since 1973, and this one is definitely different."

Not long after the goat was born, word starting getting out about the masked farm animal. Craig Lloyd, a neighbor and longtime friend of Kimrey’s even created a Facebook page for Zorro. We kid you not.

In spite of his new-found fame, Zorro still spends his days eating weeds and kicking around with his mommy.

You can see more photos and watch videos of Zorro by going to https://www.facebook.com/zorrothebabygoat/