Ronda Tucker

Ronda Tucker

The former director of the Burwell School Historic Site has pleaded guilty to embezzlement charges from her time in charge.

Ronda Tucker, of Hillsborough, pleaded guilty to felony counts of embezzlement in Orange County Superior Court on Tuesday. The charges stem from her spending of funds for the Burwell School on personal services and items in 2019. 

Tucker ultimately accepted a plea deal that included four counts of plain embezzlement instead of charges for embezzlement of more than $100,000. She will serve a minimum of one year in prison, followed by a one-year suspended sentence with five years of probation. During that time, Tucker will aim to pay restitution. 

Tucker was hired by the Burwell School in 2016, but was not put through a background check because her job at the time did not include financial responsibilities. 

Over the course of the year, Tucker gained more responsibilities with the site and was named site manager in 2017.

The arrest warrant from Oct. 2019 stated that Tucker had spent more than $170,000 on various goods since 2016, including pet stores, nail salons, Target, Amazon, Walmart, airlines, and at restaurants.

In August 2019, Tucker was arrested for a separate felony charge for writing an invalid check, valued at $2,256.13.