Sheriff Blackwood

Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood

Sheriffs from across North Carolina gathered last week in Carteret County for their 99th annual business conference. While there, they elected New Hanover Sheriff Ed McMahon as President of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association and Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood as First Vice President. 

Sheriff Blackwood said, "Our Annual Business Conference allows North Carolina's sheriffs to discuss their experiences and learn from each other, as well as bring ourselves up to date on important law enforcement developments. North Carolina sheriffs have a complex role as constitutional officers leading law enforcement efforts within our respective counties. Our duties often require that we be available to personnel and to the public continuously. The conference allows us the opportunity to step back, consult with each other on common issues, concentrate on specialized training, and adapt to the changes and challenges inherent in our service to our communities.”

Hosted by Carteret County Sheriff Asa B. Buck III and his staff, the conference also provided sheriffs and other law enforcement leaders with important legal updates, an opportunity to learn about the state budget, and updates about recent actions of the 2021 General Assembly. 

"Sheriffs in every county of North Carolina are facing tremendous challenges. We are responsible for the maintenance and operation of local jails; recruiting, training, and maintaining talented personnel; responding to calls for service; tracking sex offenders; investigating crime; serving civil papers; issuing weapons permits; and providing security for the courts," said Sheriff Blackwood. “This conference allows us to learn from each other and from subject-matter experts to improve the safety and security of our communities.”

One of Blackwood’s initial duties as first vice president will be to serve as the host of the upcoming North Carolina Sheriff’s Association’s inaugural Jail Administrators Institute of Leadership. It begins August 15th at the Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill.