Name: Evelyn P. Lloyd

Party affiliation: Democrat

1. What motivated you to enter the current race?

I have served on the town board for 28 years and I am running to continue work that I believe in for our residents and town. Having had the privilege to serve for this length of time has enabled me to contribute valuable institutional knowledge to fellow commissioners and town staff. This knowledge will be important as many of our town department heads are expected to retire within the next four years. Because of my experience, I am able to provide historical context to current issues that are rooted in past board decisions or Town history which helps the board in our decision-making.

2. What is your career and educational background?

I am a pharmacist who operates Lloyd’s Pharmacy in down town Hillsborough. I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina Pharmacy School with a B.S. degree.

3. Have you previously held political office?

 I have served on many local and state boards including the O.C. Board of Elections, the O.C. Board of Health, the O.C. Human Relations Commission, 20 plus years as the town liaison with The Fire Department, was the first woman elected to the N.C. Board of Pharmacy, and served 41 years on the Historic Hillsborough Commission.

4. What makes you feel you are the most qualified candidate to assume this role?

I am a lifelong resident and grew up loving this town and am a fierce advocate for our residents. In addition to my Town Board experience, I offer experience gained from serving on other town, county, and State boards and commissions that brings a unique understanding and perspective. As the first elected woman member and president of the NC Board of Pharmacy, I know what it is like to break barriers, and I continue to support the town’s efforts to increase diversity and inclusion. I am known to staff as being well-prepared for meetings and I bring an understanding of both detail and the big picture. I have watched other towns lose valuable knowledge and perspective when experienced Commissioners no longer serve. I still love serving my town as Commissioner and I believe my experience continues to be valuable to my fellow board members and staff.

5. What are the issues that are near and dear to you?

I feel that my experience, leadership, and insight in all aspects of life in Hillsborough can only enhance what we already love about the town that I have always called home. My father donated land on Occoneechee Mountain that became part of the state park, and I am proud to carry on that legacy by having supported Riverwalk for over 20 years. Twenty years ago there were no parks; today every neighborhood as at least one park .I continue to look for ways to increase walkability, protection of our tree canopy, protection of our water supply ,and protection

of our air quality. 

6.  What are challenges you see facing Hillsborough that you would like to address?

By far our most pressing issue is the budget. It is likely that the town will face recessional conditions in the near future at the same time it faces capital expense needs that exceed millions. These needs include completion of the reservoir expansion, upgrade of the water plant as growth expands, upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant, upgrading public works facilities, additional sidewalks, just to name a few. We need to manage growth which drains our water and infrastructure. I don’t want Hillsborough to lose its small town charm and character. Meeting these needs could require raising revenue through bonds at some point in years. Traffic remains a problem and the Board recently learned thru NCDOT studies indicate that Churton Street widening is not likely to reduce the time it takes for residents to cross through town .I advocate that our staff look at transportation options that could be eligible for grants, state, and/or federal funding and which would be feasible.