Bacteria and viruses are microbes and the human body (not a Petri dish) is the medium.

“Killer bugs are coming for you, unless you act fast,” Los Angeles Times, Dec. 31, 2019. No sooner said than done, like spreading pellets from a shotgun blast, the result is disease among people of planet Earth in pandemic proportions.

How costly we are learning that Pasteur’s germ theory (cause of disease) that became the foundation of Western medicine, and drastically improved life on Earth for more than a century is not the sole arbiter of disease.

French scientist Antoine Bechamp, Pasteur’s rival, advocated good hygiene and detoxification for a strong immune system. His untiring research and painstaking experiments demonstrated that microzymas (microbes) cannot replicate in the presence of ample oxygen; and those that multiply in an acidic “terrain” leave or disappear when the medium becomes alkaline. Both “theories” were rebuked and he was disregarded even by the respected British Medical Journal. “A new. Truth can have a long wait before finally being accepted,” Goethe. How unfortunate for people of the world that the contributions of Pasteur and Bechamp were considered contradictory rather than complimentary, opposite sides of the sword that slays disease.

Even now, physicians are confirming Bechamp’s findings by prescribing oxygen (and ventilator use) for very sick patients testing positive for COVID-19. Does putting the sick on alkaline IV-fluids (pH 7.1 to 7.4), changing body chemistry from acidic to an alkaline state, also save lives? Could acidic constitutions explain why some patients in their prime, with strong immunity, perish from fulminating infection, while more alkaline bodies throw off the virus with little or no affect?

What can you and I do to avoid contracting this ubiquitous and highly contagious virus other than follow prescribed guidelines: adequate hand tasing, social distancing, physical exercise and wearing a mask if recommended?

If very sick after testing positive for COVID-19, without being hospitalized, confer with primary care about whether or not oxygen would be helpful for healing. Also, follow the advice of doctors and nutritionists about the use of alkaline foods and water in the hope of expediting recovery.

May Easter-Passover 2020 be seen as the beginning of resurrection, universal emergence from the scourge of this pandemic.