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A Voice for Orange County (V4OC) spent months working to protect our community from the disaster that Buc-ee’s would have caused. Our Organizing Committee is aware of the new plans for the Efland Industrial Park in the same parcels at the entrance to Efland from the Interstate and would like to share our thoughts with the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and Orange County residents.

The truth is that there are few positives to destroying beautiful and useful agricultural land and building on a protected watershed. The benefits of this kind of development can only be seen compared to the devastation that Buc-ee’s would have caused. V4OC understands that this development fits within the property’s current zoning and that the BOCC does not have a chance to give any input on the project. With that said, it’s important to note that the project will cause far fewer traffic issues for the area than a massive 24-hour gas station would have. The Industrial Park also leaves a considerable amount of land to be preserved that Buc-ee’s would not have, mitigating the potential damage to the land and our ecosystem. While light and air pollution, drinking water contamination, and all of the issues residents were concerned about with Buc-ee’s are less of a concern, they are still of concern with the Industrial Park plan. As long as a proposed development puts resident’s drinking water at risk, A Voice for Orange County will continue to oppose them wholeheartedly.

This BOCC has spoken repeatedly about how Efland should serve as a rural buffer to Orange County. We’ve heard from most BOCC members about how we should focus on nurturing local businesses, preserving our agricultural lands, and protecting our drinking water. Even though the Efland Industrial Park project is within current zoning regulations, it is the antithesis of what many members of our BOCC have campaigned on and the desires expressed by the community in the Efland Mebane Small Area Plan.